1233982_10154174028295623_7002656657494635666_n (2)Hello/Shalom/Hola,

Quite a few people have requested that I start a cooking blog to showcase some of my favorite recipes.

About me: I’m a young professional living in DC, that was raised in a Sephardic (Spanish Jewish) household and trace my heritage to the Sephardic communities of Turkey and Greece. Like many Sephardic families from this region, my family was uprooted and dispersed in the 19/20th century, and wound up in South America (Cuba, Argentina and Colombia). My cooking is deeply influenced by my family’s heritage, journey and history, as well as my fascination with other Sephardic/Mizrahi Jewish communities, especially Persian, Iraqi, Moroccan, etc.

While I love traditional Sephardic foods, I also love eating healthy and being in shape, so over the years I’ve made adjustments to traditional recipes to make them healthier: meaning less sugar, processed foods, carbs, saturated fats, and frying, etc.

I’m especially focused on making food that’s low carb and paleo friendly. Not every recipe on this site will be super healthy – but I’ve done my best to make dishes as healthy as possible while still keeping the traditional flavor profile of the dish.

My belief is that it’s important to engage in moderation in all things, as Jewish food expert Michael Pollan has famously said “eat food, not too much, mainly plants”, this is a great motto to live and cook by.

Please feel free to leave feedback or requests for recipes. Also if you’re in DC please join my Facebook group, Sephardic Jews in DC, for information on Sephardic events and happenings around town.


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